The Red Sorcerer Trilogy

She had always assumed that she was an orphan, until one day, her beloved mentor reveals a web of lies that stretch back many years. Born under a frightful prophecy, Leyndray, a naive Elf girl, must fight against her terrifying fate to save all that she has ever known and loved… but at what cost?

The Red Sorcerer Trilogy Book One: The Crown and the Mage

Find out how it all began! Leyndray, a young Elf girl, believes she is a foundling, her parents’ identities unknown. After a near-death experience at the hands of a Troll, she discovers her father is the King, and her mother, Cyassay, had lied to her her entire life. An unknown force lurking in the shadows brings a deadly force upon the Elves. Has Leyndray set her people on a path that only leads to destruction?

The Red Sorcerer Trilogy Book Two: The Crown’s Legacy

More than twenty years have passed since the war of Irisia. Ceruden, the prince of the Elves, uncovers secrets that his foster father, Ellaren, has hidden. The scars on Ellaren’s heart are deep, and Ceruden must venture far from home in order to save it, and Ellaren. Yet not all is well, as history repeats itself and Ceruden falls in love with a Human, as his ancestor Alethea did long ago. Can he and his new-found love stop the coming battle… or is it already too late?

The Red Sorcerer Trilogy Book Three: The Crown’s Destiny

Ceruden, living among the Humans, has come to realize a certain truth, and it will take all of his courage and strength to pursue the right path. Yet from an unexpected source comes a wonderful gift, and this gift gives him the courage to say good-bye.

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