About Me

Society demands that an author’s webpage always has an “about me” section. Unfortunately, I’m not a unicorn that barfs rainbows, but maybe this will do.

I’m a longtime lover of the fantasy genre, and have been writing books ever since high school. I also speak fluent Japanese (my degree is in Japanese language), and I’m slightly obsessed with mermaids. I’ve had a few people here and there on the Internet ask me if I have any Japanese ancestry, since my degree is in Japanese language, and the answer is, nope. My ancestors are mostly European and Canadian. Funny how the world works, eh? I would eventually like to get a PhD and become a university professor.

Some random things about me are that I like anime, I’m an avid swimmer, and Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie. But writing is my true passion – when I was in seventh grade, I watched Lord of the Rings and was enamored with it. Soon after that, I started writing my own story one day when I was bored in math class and it just took off from there. Although I’ve since scrapped that story, and quite a few others, as well as spending a few years thinking that I would become a movie director, I have since found my true passion in writing prose, mostly in the form of novels. My advice to wannabe writers who might be reading this is just to write a novel from beginning to end. I’ve met more than my share of budding wannabes who say they’re going to write a novel but never actually go through with it. Writing a novel, from beginning to end, is the best way to take your first steps along the path of being a writer. It’s okay if your novel is full of plot holes and the characters are all archetypes of your genre. That’s why there’s such a thing as a second draft.


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