A long time ago, used to write poetry. I stopped sometime in high school after I got into writing novels and screenplays. Today, I tried writing poetry for the first time in a while. A few haikus. And in Japanese, too. ^^

If you’re unfamiliar with the format of a haiku, it’s basically a short poem that’s five syllables one line, followed by seven syllables the second line, followed by five syllables in the third line. And that’s it.

I wrote these in Japanese, but I wanted to share these here anyway because I thought they were pretty good. 🙂 The romanized Japanese is in italics next to the poem. Below each poem is a short explanation as to the meaning.

浜辺 Hamabe

浪の泡 Nami no awa
足跡が消し Ashiato ga keshi
平和な海 Heiwa na umi

This poem’s title is “Hamabe,” or “Shoreline.” It feels like a more serious haiku. The meaning is “The bubbles on the waves, footprints are erased, a peaceful beach.” This haiku actually wrote itself backwards, as the line “Ashiato ga keshi” came to me suddenly during my second-period class today. So I rushed back to the staff room ASAP and wrote it down, and it turned into this haiku.

学校 Gakkou

寒廊下 Kanrouka
子供の海がKodomo no umi ga
体操着 Taisougi

This is a sillier haiku. Its title is “Gakkou,” or “School.” The first line, “Kanrouka” is written with the characters for “cold” and “hallway,” but it’s not a proper word. It means “cold hallway.” (of course) The second line and third lines together mean “The sea of children is gym clothes.”

In Japanese elementary schools, the kids don’t have a uniform, but during the morning classes, they’ll wear their taisougi (gym clothes), so walking through the hallways in the mornings during passing periods, you’ll just see a sea of kids in blue gym clothes.

近所 Kinjo

広い谷 Hiroi tani
夕焼けの空 Yuuyake no sora
我が近所 Waga kinjo

This one, entitled “Kinjo” or “Neighborhood,” and I wrote it with an image of the sun setting over the valley that is just below my house. “The wide valley, the sky and the sunset, my neighborhood.”

ペ-ジ Pe-ji

白い紙 Shiroi kami
一文字染める Hitomoji someru
黒印 Kuro shirushi

This one is called “Page.” I wrote it after envisioning the following: “A white page, a single letter dyes it, a black mark.”

英語の授業 Eigo no jugyou

児童声 Jidou koe
授業中皆 Jugyouchuu mina
うるさいよ (ー ー;) Urusai yo

This one is called “English class.” I actually wrote it during class–the students were all being loud and noisy and I was waiting for them to be quiet so we could finish, and I scribbled this one in the margins of my textbook . xD

“Kids’ voices during class. Everyone, shut up. (ー ー;)”

Hope you enjoyed! 乙女


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