The Naughty List–Writing Tag

In celebration of the holiday season, I’m participating in the wonderful Jenna Moreci’s writing tag!

Jenna Moreci’s blog

The tag is “The Naughty List.” I have to answer the questions on the tag using the characters from my current WIP, and not use a character more than twice.

My WIP is entitled The Red Sorcerer, a trilogy of fantasy books about a young Noblain girl named Leyndray. She has always believed that she was an orphan, until one day she discovers a terrible secret about her mother. She must confront her terrifying fate in order to save all that she knows and loves, but how much will she sacrifice to do so? And who is the mysterious sorcerer controlling her from the shadows?

I’m going to do my best to limit my choices to just the characters in book one.

So here are the questions!

#1 Which character would get wasted at a holiday party and end up humping the Christmas tree?

That would be Ellaren, Leyndray’s good friend and a stable boy at the palace. He’s rather grumpy, especially when it comes to the royal couple, and is fiercely protective of Leyndray. I feel like he would be the one sitting in the corner nursing a drink the entire evening until the alcohol kicks in and he is officially drunk. Unable to hold his feelings back anymore, he inadvertently tells the Christmas tree he loves it, thinking in his drunken stupor that it’s Leyndray he’s talking to. Meanwhile, Leyndray is watching him do all this in complete shock. Then in the morning, he doesn’t remember anything he did, but everyone else does. And Leyndray is so embarrassed that she refuses to speak to him anymore.

#2 Which character deserves to get the crap beaten out of ‘em by the Krampus?

Okay, I’m going to cheat a bit here and say King Percival. He’s the king of the Gennen, who are the oldest enemies of the Noblain, and the reason this is cheating is because he doesn’t show up until book two. He’s a spoiled little brat kid who thinks he deserves everything and who throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. In fact, one of my critique partners mentioned that he reminded her of Joffrey from Game of Thrones. I didn’t intentionally base him off of Joffrey, but I do watch the show very religiously, and I will say that I was writing a lot of the main scenes with Percival during seasons three and four of the show.

#3 Which character is the Grinch this year?

Without a doubt, that is Slaineash, the king’s advisor and childhood friend of Cyassay. He just is never happy about anything, especially Christmas. He thinks that the holidays are frivolous and not worth his time.

#4 Which character would try to get a little too friendly while sitting on Santa’s lap?

This might be Leyndray, my protagonist. She’s pretty naive when it comes to love, and she’s never really had any sort of father figure in her life. So when she meets Slaineash, the advisor to the king, she begins to fall in love with him. I wouldn’t say she’s got so many daddy issues that she’d want to flirt with someone old enough to be her grandfather, but Slaineash is four years older than even her real father, so… there’s that.

#5 Who would your antagonist most like to tongue beneath the mistletoe?

That would most definitely be Cyassay, who is Leyndray’s mentor and King Kinaldor’s wife. My antagonist has been in love with Cyassay for years, but when Cyassay and Kinaldor fall in love, he becomes jealous and starts a war just to get Cyassay all to himself. Of course, he’s dreaming about tonguing her under the mistletoe while she’s standing under the mistletoe actually making out with her husband, the King.

#6 Which character would accidentally tip the menorah and light the house on fire?

I’m going to cheat here again and use a character from Book Two. The one who did this would most likely be Anara. She is a Gennen noblewoman and the previous queen-in-waiting. She’s a little clumsy and airheaded, and she’d definitely be the type to knock things over without realizing it.

#7 Which character is most likely to bring magic brownies to a holiday party?

Eldyina, Cyassay’s twin sister, would probably be the one to do so. She’s very naive, and although she knows a fair bit about the world, she probably wouldn’t realize that the “magic” in these brownies isn’t the same as the magic she knows how to use. LOL

#8 Which character is most likely to ring in the new year naked? And why the hell are they naked in the first place?

King Kinaldor, the king of the realm, would probably fit this description best. On New Year’s Eve, his wife Cyassay has a bit too much to drink, finds him beneath the mistletoe (that someone forgot to take down after Christmas) and gives him a really passionate kiss. Then they’d sneak away to an unused bedroom in the palace for a bit of fun. He’d be naked because he and Cyassay would be doing the deed.

#9 Which character is absolutely kidding themselves by insisting they belong on the nice list?

That would be Slaineash, the king’s chief advisor. He pretends to be a good person and acts as if he is noble and pure-hearted, but he’s got a few secrets himself, and he’s even broken the most important law of the Noblain. He would insist that no, he is a good person, but his deeds speak for themselves.

#10 Which characters would readers be most shocked to find on the naughty list?

Speaking hypothetically, that would also be Ellaren. He has done quite a few things he’s not proud of, including murdering someone in cold blood, and although he wants to be honorable and admit his mistakes, he can’t do so without people digging further into his past and thereby making all the sacrifices he’s ever made be in vain.

And that’s it for the tag! Hope you enjoyed. I’m tagging all my author friends: Kristen Kooistra, Allie May, Matt Dewar, Krisna Starr, Louise Ross, Elise Edmonds, Katelyn Barbee, Heather Hayden, B.C. Marine, J.L. Bernard, Julian Elliot, Renee Harvey, and Renee Frey! YOU BETTER DO THIS TAG YOU GUYS! ESPECIALLY YOU ELISE! YOU DIDN’T DO THE LAST ONE! *frowns menacingly at you*

Hope you all have a safe, wonderful holiday season. I’ll be traveling a bit during the winter break, so after the New Year, you can expect to see lots of posts from me with photos and stories of my vacation over on my Japan blog! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 乙女



5 thoughts on “The Naughty List–Writing Tag

  1. LOL! I just realized that most of my characters wouldn’t actually be naughty as described in many of the questions. So I’ll answer the relevant questions here 🙂

    #2 – Ambassador Gates. He’s an opportunist bully who everyone is afraid of. He definitely needs someone to beat some sense into him.

    #3 – Mayor Humbray. She’s an ultra-serious Mystic and all business 24*7 all year round. Doesn’t know the meaning of fun.

    #6 – Definitely Roxy. She’s the clumsiest girl in all of Atlantea and even “trips on air” according to Lady Hamstead.

    Looking forward to your posts on your experience in Japan, Corinne! Have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year 😀


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