September goals

I did absolutely nothing the entire month of August. Well, aside from moving to another country and starting a new job…

But the month of August sort of just flew by without me doing much of anything. So I’ve decided to set twenty different goals for the month of September so that I don’t waste the entire month again. At the end of the month, I’ll write another blog post discussing whether or not I achieved these goals. Not all these goals have to do with writing, but all of these are things I’d like to achieve by the end of September.

  1. Review all the crits that have been staring at me on the homepage of Scribophile –Β On the writing website Scribophile, I recently received a lot of critiques on my posted writing, but I have yet to review them and implement the feedback into the respective pieces. By the end of September, I want to review every single critique that I haven’t looked at yet as well as begin the new habit of reviewing any crit I’ve received within 24 hours of receiving it.
  2. Reply to my eight unread PMs – On Scribophile, I have eight unread personal messages (PMs) that I need to respond to. The people who sent me the messages know that I recently moved to Japan and started a new job, but the newest one is from a week ago, so I’d like to respond to all of them by the end of September, or maybe even the first week or so. In addition, I want to start the new habit of responding to PMs within 24 hours of receiving them.
  3. Read another book for my reading challenge. – I have four more books to read for my challenge, so during the month of September, I’d like to finish at least one more book so that I’m a bit closer to finishing the challenge.
  4. Write at least one blog post for my Japan blog each week (four total) – I’ve been in Japan an entire month and the blog I started that is dedicated to documenting my Japan adventures is completely blank, lol. So I’m going to go way back in time and write blog posts or post videos at least once a week talking about various adventures I’ve had in Japanland. And I’d also like to make it a habit to update that blog a bit more regularly–shall we say two posts a month on that baby? My job keeps me so busy, after all!
  5. Organize the most amazing outdoor session for English camp. – As a part of the Iwaki ALTs, I’m going to be helping out with the English Immersion Camp in October. All twenty of us are organizing a one-night two-day camp for a select group of junior high school students in the area, and the camp will be held entirely in English. The campers are going to be Japanese junior high school students, so you can imagine how interesting that’s going to be. I’m one of three ALTs in charge of the outdoor session, which is essentially a thirty-minute exercise session first thing the second morning before breakfast to wake up the students and get them back in the English mood. The session will be a challenging one to plan because the students will be sleepy and not wanting to participate in things like Red Rover and hopscotch. But we’ll do our best.:) Technically, this goal won’t be achieved until the camp actually happens in mid=October, but by the end of September, we should have the session all planned out and ready to go.
  6. Find and buy new sneakers. – This goal is already halfway finished. The sneakers I’ve been wearing have started to fall apart because I’m walking literally everywhere I go (and I’m walking a lot, lol) so I want to get a new pair. I saw some today when I went shopping – I didn’t try them on or buy them, but perhaps next weekend, I shall go back to that shop and try on the sneakers. Today, I was in a bit of a hurry to get groceries and get back home, so I didn’t buy them.
  7. Find a buy a bike – I don’t have a bike, and I want one. Especially because for one of my schools, I have to walk thirty minutes up a hill to get there. A bike would cut that time in half, maybe. This goal is also halfway finished. I was shopping for a baby shower present for a friend who’s about to have a baby and I saw a bike I really really liked. Except that since I don’t have a car and you can’t take bikes on buses here, I’d have to bike it back to my house, and it’s been raining constantly here. We had a typhoon the other day that was so bad that school got canceled. But I’d like to get a bike sometime this month so it’ll be easier to go to the grocery store and to school and stuff.
  8. Eat more fruits and vegetables – I’ve been rather bad about eating healthy foods. I’ve been eating out a lot with my friends and getting takeout a lot and eating junk food. So in September, I want to make it a habit of getting more fruits and vegetables in my diet.
  9. Critique at least one thing per week – I have four different novels I’m reading on Scribophile and critiquing. Writing a critique actually takes a bit of time, so I’m aiming for one chapter per week, although I’m also going to give myself a bonus goal of critiquing two chapters per week.
  10. Set up my Wi-fi router – I finally have Internet at my apartment, but right now, I’ve only got it set up to use the broadband connection, so I have to keep my laptop plugged in to the modem, and it’s a big pain in the ass because I keep tripping over the wires and the modem keeps coming unplugged. So I want to set up my Wi-fi router so that I can maybe use my computer in bed or something – right now I have it set up at my dining room table and it’s not very comfortable.
  11. Get to level seventeen in Pokemon Go. – I’m at level sixteen right now, so I can pretty much predict that I will accomplish this goal this month.
  12. Hatch at least four eggs in Pokemon Go. – Since hatching eggs require walking and therefore you get exercise, I’m justified in setting this goal. I’ve even done the math. Four eggs a month means I’d have to walk twenty kilometers, which works out to be .8 km per day, which is about how far I walk to school every day. Hatch eggs, ho!
  13. Send my brother a birthday present. – My brother’s birthday is in September, so one goal I have this month is to send him a birthday present.
  14. Get a birthday present for my friend who has a birthday in September – I have a fellow ALT here in Japan who also has a birthday this month, so I’m making another goal to be getting him a present or something, too.
  15. Stop falling asleep without taking off my glasses – I have a bad habit of falling asleep with my glasses on. I’m making it a goal this month to not to this.
  16. Continue to drink at least one liter of water every day – I’ve estimated the amount of water I drink every day to be about one liter. I have 500 ml water bottles and I wind up drinking two of them every day, so I want to keep drinking water and staying hydrated.
  17. Brainstorm with at least three other JETs about their teaching goals and what kinds of expectations I should set for my students. – I’ve been thinking recently about what goals I want to set for myself as a teacher and what goals I want to set for my students. What do I want my students to take away from my classes? I’ve come up with a few different things I want for myself and my students, and this month, I’d like to talk to at least three other ALTs about how they go about setting goals for themselves and their students. In addition, I’d like to maybe talk to some of my homeroom teachers and ask what they would like for their students to get out of English class.
  18. Get my book ready for the first set of beta readers. – This one is self-explanatory. I want to get my book polished up enough to be able to recruit some beta readers and start working on publication.
  19. Get one of the teachers at school to show me how to use the school printer. – I’ve been in Japan for a month now, but I’ve only been working at school for two weeks. Apparently my school has a printer but I don’t know where it is or if I’m allowed to use it. So sometime this month (maybe even this week) I’d like to get someone at school to show me where the printer is. Every time I remember that I haven’t yet asked if I’m allowed to use it, there’s no one around to ask.
  20. Call my parents at least once a week. – I’ve been so busy, and I haven’t really felt very homesick lately, that I haven’t talked to my parents much. This weekend, they’re going on a camping trip, so my dad called me on Friday while I was at work. I was able to talk to them on Friday after my work day was over, but I do want to talk to them more often. So I’m going to make it a point to call them at least once a week just to check in and say hi.

And that’s it for my goals this month. At the end of the month, I’ll check back here to see if I’ve accomplished them and also make new goals for October. δΉ™ε₯³


4 thoughts on “September goals

  1. At first I was skeptical if you should make that much goals, but after reading them, I think they’re great goals. Good luck! It would be nice to get half or more of them done after September. πŸ™‚


  2. That’s an impressive list of goals! You’re going to do great this month. πŸ™‚

    It sucks that it’s been raining a lot… Hope you get a nice day soon when you can go get that bike.

    Also, yay for Pokemon Go! That app is so exercise friendly. Really wish I had a phone with a data plan.


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