Lesa McKee Interview

Today I had an opportunity to interview Lesa McKee, author of Operation Space Cats: The Rescue Mission.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Start writing NOW!!! Silly girl. We could have been doing this a looong time ago!

What do you think of book trailers? And will you create one for your own book(s)?

I love the idea of them. If I can afford it (and I can get the trailer of my dreams), then I just may do that.

What is your favorite movie and why?

I’m not a big movie person, so my list is short. That said, I have to split this into two categories, LOL. Comedy and romance. Father of the Bride wins for comedy and Pride & Prejudice wins for romance.

Do you know your characters from the start of a book, or do they develop as you go?

Most of the time my character’s are a bit of a mystery to me at the beginning. I like it that way as half the fun of writing is learning more about them. I love it when they surprise me!

Does your main character have any favorite sayings?

Yes. My main cat, Tebbs likes to say “Whirling whiskers!”

Thank you so much, Lesa, for letting me interview you today.


Be sure to visit her website, follow her blog, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest. Also be sure to pick up a copy of Operation Space Cats on Amazon today!

Lesa McKee grew up at her grandmother’s knee, listening to the French folktales her animated Grandma Ida shared. A love of stories was born and her imagination took off!

She’s now living her dream as a Christian Indie writer of feel-good fiction, including a short story series of far-out space cats, titled ‘Operation Space Cats’. These purrific feline adventures are filled with faith, friendship & fun!

Every month, I will be interviewing a different indie author here on The Pink Notebook. Check back on September 4 for my next interview with Lynn Miller!


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