The Twenty-One Stages of Writing a Novel

I’m not going to really put any sort of introduction here. I’m just going to let the post speak for itself. These are the 21 stages of writing a novel, as told in memes.

Stage One: The Idea

Stage Two: Outlining

Stage Three: Starting to Write

Stage Four: Frustration

Stage Five: Snacks

Stage Six: Despair

Stage Seven: Being Constantly Interrupted From Your Writing by Family, Friends, and Pets

Stage Eight: Finishing the First Draft

Stage Nine: Recruiting Beta Readers

Stage Ten: Awaiting Feedback From Said Beta Readers

Stage Eleven: Reviewing Feedback From Beta Readers

Stage Twelve: Coming to Terms With the Flaws In Your Writing (aka Realizing That Your Beta Readers Are Absolutely Right)

Stage Thirteen: Organizing Revisions

Stage Fourteen: More Snacks

Stage Fifteen: Finishing Revisions

Stage Sixteen: Drafting the Query Letter

Stage Seventeen: Receiving Rejections From Queried Agents

Stage Eighteen: Even More Snacks (To Dull the Pain Of Rejection)

Stage Nineteen: Finally Landing That Publishing Deal

Stage Twenty: Public Acclaim For Your Novel

Stage Twenty-One: And It Begins Again

Happy Tuesday, everyone! δΉ™ε₯³


6 thoughts on “The Twenty-One Stages of Writing a Novel

  1. Lol, so true. I go through stages 1-4, 6-7, 10-13, 16 and 21 at least once or twice a day. 😲 But that’s just the way a writer’s life is. And it’s a writer’s life for me.


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