Deleted scene – Kinaldor’s feelings

Kinaldor closed the door to his own chambers, his heart hammering against his chest. It had taken a great deal of restraint for him to resist wrapping his arms around Cyassay to comfort her. She had made it clear to him long ago that she didn’t want that, despite everything else…

Approaching the shelf underneath the window, he hefted a dark rock spotted with white in his palm and twirled it around several times, admiring how the small stone caught the light. The sound of laughter, high-pitched and female, filled his ears, and he was taken back through his memories, to a time years ago when he had presented this stone to Cyassay, and how she had admired it and held it close to her heart, and a similar day only seasons later when she had discarded the stone, and his feelings…

Tucking the stone into his tunic pocket, he resolved to start over with Cyassay. He planned to tell her what he felt in his heart, to say he loved her, over and over again, until his breath ran out and he couldn’t say it anymore, and she finally understood that she was not alone…


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