Novel in a Day 2015!

I wrote a novel in a day!

Well, no, not really.

But I am pretty proud of myself because it was as far from my usual genre as possible and I wrote chapter twelve of the red book (there are three different versions of the book) Why not take advantage of the fact that it’s free to download and do just that?

Download “Marshal’s Law” here

A little bit of background about this project: Tim Rogers, aka Pigfender, created the Novel in a Day annual writing event four years ago, as a warm-up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). His idea? Write an entire novel in a day. But in no world is that humanly possible for one person to do alone. The solution? Gather together a bunch of writers from all different walks of life and have each one write one chapter from the entire novel!

You can read more about the novel in a day project on Tim’s website, but basically, we all signed up ahead of time, not knowing the genre, plot, setting, or anything else about it. We received an outline for our specific chapter and were given twelve hours to write the chapter and send it back to Tim, without knowing anything about the larger overarching plot or where our chapter fell in the book. We could be writing the first chapter, we could be writing the final chapter – we had no idea. Then Tim gathered together all the chapters we submitted and put them into finished book format. And wouldn’t you know it, the book was a Western, which is so far away from fantasy that I will admit, I struggled to write my assigned chapter. But I’m rather proud of that fact, and I would love it if everyone would go and read the novel for themselves. And make sure to follow all the contributing authors on social media, including me! Everyone who contributed to this project is hella talented, after all!

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And here I end this shameless self-promotion. Until next time, my dear readers. May your swords stay sharp!乙女

And be sure to buy my book on Amazon or Nook


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