Writers block…

After having not being able to write for an entire month, I ended up staying up until midnight last night to write an entire chapter for a book I thought was finished. When I pulled out my draft and reread it, I found the last chapter lacking in something. I always make it a point to end my books with either a question or statement that remains with the reader long after the last page is turned, such as “Battle was coming to the Elves,” the last sentence that came to me suddenly as I read the draft. In a trilogy, the second book should not merely be a stepping stone for the first and third books; it should be a novel all on its own, with its own spirit and character, yet it should be a door from the first novel that breathes new life into the world, while at the same time providing a bridge to the third book without seeming too out-of-place. Before this, my final sentence for Book Two was “Ceruden watched him leave, his heart heavy with doubt.” Although this new chapter is a very short one – a mere five paragraphs – Ceruden’s inner doubts and desires have become clearer, to both me and the reader.

One thing to note before I end this post is that I’ve had a plot outline of sorts for Book Three written out, and I’ve even written the first chapter, but then something made me stop. It is true that real life interfered and I stopped writing for a while, but I think that ultimately, I was using that as an excuse to not write the third book until I felt completely satisfied with Book Two. Now that I’ve written this “missing chapter” that I didn’t know was missing until recently, I do feel completely satisfied with Book Two. No more excuses. I have the plot outline, I have drafts of various scenes from the book (namely the last few chapters, which I drafted over three years ago, before I knew what Book Two was going to really be), and I have quite a bit of free time on my hands. I feel the words about to burst forth from my heart, and all that remains is just to put them to paper.

Farewell, my dear readers, until next time. 乙女


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